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Patient Views

Mrs. Am Lena (House Wife-Cambodia): I had ENT problems for almost 07 years. I visited many hospitals and private clinics in Phnom Penh. The local doctors suggested me to visit a neighboring country. Thanks to the SSIUH; the presence of … Continue reading

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Imagery Department

Doctor: Dr. Pok Sokha Radiology deals with the study and application of imaging technologies in order to diagnose and treat diseases. These technologies include ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET), and magnetic resonance imaging Services provided at … Continue reading

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General Medicine

Anatoly Shevaldin MD, PhD Infectious Diseases, General Medicine, Tropical diseases, Clinical Parasitology More   Dr. Sreng Chanda Anesthesia and ICU More…     Prof. Sarak Phally MS (France) Cardiologist in Rhythmology (France) Consultant Cardiologist Head of Cardiovascular Department – SSIUH Professor of … Continue reading

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Insurance Collaborations

Throughout the world, the demand for first class medical treatment has been a subject of debate because of the cost of medical treatment for both local and foreigners at large. The demand for first class International Health Insurance has never … Continue reading

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អ្វីទៅជាមូលហេតុបង្ក និងកត្តាជំរុញនៃជំងឺមហារីកថ្លើម?

1. ការរលាករ៉ាំរ៉ៃដោយវីរុសថ្លើមប្រភេទបេ (HBV) និង/ ឬ វីរុសប្រភេទសេ (HCV)៖ HBV ដែលវិវឌ្ឍទៅជាមហារីកថ្លើមមាន 50% នៃករណីទូទាំងពិភពលោក ខណៈ 25% វិវឌ្ឍពី HCV ។ ករណីដែលមានការបង្ករោគរួមគ្នារវាង HBV និង HCV ធ្វើឲ្យមានការប្រឈមនឹងជំងឺមហារីកថ្លើមកាន់តែខ្លាំង។ 2. ការពិសាស្រារយៈពេលយូរឆ្នាំ (ជាប់ទាក់ទងនឹង10% នៃការកើតជំងឺមហារីកថ្លើមនៅអាស៊ី) 3. ជំងឺថ្លើមរ៉ាំរ៉ៃ ជាមួយនឹងការក្រិនថ្លើម៖ 1/3 នៃអ្នកជំងឺនឹងវិវឌ្ឍជាមហារីកថ្លើម។ អ្នកដែលមានជំងឺក្រិនថ្លើម មានឱកាសក្នុងការកើតមហារីកថ្លើមច្រើនជាងអ្នកធម្មតាដែលគ្មានបញ្ហាថ្លើមដល់ទៅ 40ដង។ 4. ការបរិភោគអាហារដែលមានឆ្លងចូលនូវសារធាតុពុល ៖ Aflatoxin គឺជាសារធាតុដែលផលិតដោយពពួកផ្សិត (Aspergillus flavus, … Continue reading

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