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ishd-77th Congress of the International Society for Hemodialysis
Dr. Toru Hyodo is the president and the director of Eijin Clinic, Hiratsuka, Associate Prof. of dept. of Urology, Kitasato University, Sagamihara, JAPAN and also Guest Prof. of Sen Sok International University Hospital … read more

medcon-2014-04មហា​សន្និបាត​វេជ្ជ​សាស្រ្ត​អន្តរជាតិ​លើក​ទី ៤ ស្តី​អំពី​ការ​ព្យាបាល និង​ការ​ថែ​ទាំ​សុខភាព​បែប​ទំនើប
មហា​សន្និបាត​វេជ្ជសាស្រ្ត​អន្តរ​ជាតិ​លើក​ទី ៤ ស្តី​អំពី​ការ​ព្យាបាល និង​ការ​ថែទាំ​សុខភាព​បែប​ទំនើប និង​ពិធី​គម្រប់​ខួប ១០ ឆ្នាំ​នៃ​ការ​បង្កើត​… read more

SSIUH logoMedical Evacuation of Patients by Airplane
One of indications for the medical evacuation of a patient by air to another city or country is a severe disease requiring skilled or specialized long-term care or rehabilitation in any clinics or hospitals with … read more

Prof. Tatiana TurobovaOncology Consultation for Free
Since 19th of June, 2013, our oncologist, Dr. Turobova Tatiana allocates time for 2 free PRIMARY consultations for CAMBODIAN oncology patients per day – at 10:00 and 15:00,… read more