Health remained a question of concern from times since ages. People seek out help from different remedies available to them in those times. Normally it was the local herbs and shrubs to help them relieve their symptoms. The un-resolved and complicated cases were a mystery for them. But now the medical practice has been completely changed and replaced by International Standards multi-disciplinary and multi-speciality Hospitals / Complexes with the latest technology and modernized equipments to save the time and money of the patients. The best performance hospital is ranked on certain criteria’s; the indicators may include the following services – under one roof.

  • The organized structure from top management to workers
  • The input of international and national health experts
  • The seasoned, experienced and skillful human resource
  • The time and money saving facilities ranging from online services to ambulances
  • The precise and accurate diagnostic facilities
  • The 24 hours emergency services to the patients
  • The affordable OPD consultations and treatment cost
  • The length of stay for patient after minor or major procedures
  • The quality of nursing care for patient from admission till discharging
  • The immunization facility and options from infants to adults
  • The uniqueness of the modernized equipments and instruments
  • The frequent visits by the volunteers and organizations in charity projects
  • The involvement of the hospital in the extracurricular activities
  • The community welfare and development projects
  • The use of uncompromised and quality controlled drugs
  • The publications of the medical magazines and scientific Journals
  • The Teaching environment and up to date medical knowledge of the doctors
  • The regularity and number of conferences held in the past years

The small clinics and constricted hospitals can not handle timely the pressure of the problems due to lack of expert hands, medical skills, sensible decisions and the substandard laboratory services thus they are the contributors to burden of the chronic diseases to the national data and sufferings of the poor people. The patients waste a lot of money and time and their health statuses is affected and finally consult the legendary hospitals in hope to overcome their problems.

Sen Sok International University Hospital is the first International level hospital, run by the highly skilled and well experienced Physicians and Surgeons. All the facilities that you can expect from a hospital of the developed world; you can easily find them in the SSIUH. The prices are competitive with any other hospital in Cambodia and you will fell like a home environment in our hospital. The hospital houses 250 beds capacity, high-tech equipments, Laboratory, Pharmacy and makes use of the outstanding technology in the medical field and is well supported by a highly wholehearted, committed, competent and skilled medical team. A combination of all these factors has helped the hospital in becoming the paramount and a highly sophisticated treatment focal point in the Country. Round the clock emergency service available by a committed team of professionals is one of SSIUH strong point – It is worth to mention that no other hospital in Cambodia can be compared with SSIUH on the criteria of skills, experience, services and contemporary technology.

SSIUH would like to thank all those who helped us in this project in any form and to thank those who joined us in this noble cause. The hospital invites you to visit us as a Physician, surgeon, visitor, donor, applicant, patient or friend. It is a privilege to serve the people of this country. Your experience with us will remain optimistic. Don’t hesitate to contact; honestly, the management, the staff and the workers loves to welcome visitors in any relation. Your visit to SSIUH will make a life time relationship with the hospital. SSIUH offer the best competitive price for Consultation, Tests and Procedures. SSIUH also warmly invite you to collaborate with to make our service to reach to the poor people.