Breast Diseases

Our team for diagnosis and treatment of Breast diseases:

  1. Head of Oncology department: Dr. Turobova Tatiana, Medical, Pediatric and Breast oncologist

2. Senior surgeon: Prof. You Vath,

3. Anesthesiologist: Dr. Gorlanov Andrei,

4. Head of Imagery department: Dr. Soth Vuthy

5. Pathomorphologist: Dr. Chhut Serey Vathan

6. Oncology nurse: Mrs. Chin Somaly,

7. Surgery nurse: Mrs. Mong Lo

8. Anesthetist: Mr. Ouk Thy

We provide:

  1. Consultations of Breast disease specialist for ladies and girls,
  2. Breast physical examination,
  3. Breasts’ ultrasonography,
  4. Mammography,
  5. Blood tests, including tumour markers,
  6. Biopsy of breasts’ mass,
  7. Fine-needle aspiration of breasts’ cysts,
  8. Histology and cytology examinations of breast’masses and cysts,
  9. Surgery treatment,
  10. Chemotherapy, Molecular targeted therapy, Immunotherapy and Endocrine therapy of Breast cancer,
  11. Palliative and Symptomatic treatment for ladies in the end-stage of Breast cancer,
  12. Conservative therapy of some Breast diseases, Breast pain (mastodynia) management,
  13. Post-treatment follow-up,
  14. Breast-cancer screening,
  15. Recommendations about healthy-life style for Breast cancer prevention