We cure with care

Vision and Mission

Vision: We work consistently as a team to step forward the quality of health and life in Cambodia “ the Kingdom of Wonder”

Mission: To serve our patients as our family members in a caring environment with high class values of medical practices.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Our aim is to adopt focused and advanced medical treatment standards in accordance with the local people affordability:
  2. Provide inexhaustible training for human resources to bring out the best in them to achieve quality improvement in service.
  3. Analyze the patient’s needs and encourage principles of professionalism and ethics to improve the level of patient satisfaction.
  4. Approach to the community by conducting regular free medical camps and free patient education activities based on the idea of mass education programs.
  5. Contributing the bright future of Cambodia by financing the brilliant medical students of the international university


The human resource of SSIUH shares an equal responsibility of the patient diagnosis, treatment and care at SSIUH. The first impression of any employee of the hospital tells you about their passion, eagerness, effervescent and meticulous. The wide range of applications of the SSIUH laboratory gives a chance to the patients to save in money and time. This again makes the SSIUH matchless in Cambodia with no parallel institution having the latest and modernized equipped emergency services along with the terminal care facilities.