Insurance Collaborations


Throughout the world, the demand for first class medical treatment has been a subject of debate because of the cost of medical treatment for both local and foreigners at large.

The demand for first class International Health Insurance has never been greater. As social health insurance services that could once be relied upon are no longer able to keep pace with the ever increasing cost of medical treatment, so the need to make alternative arrangements has become of crucial importance, particularly to the expatriate.

For those experts living and working abroad, accessing the right kind of health Insurance cover can turn out to be a nightmare, with the cost of medical treatment often expensive and difficult to arrange particularly in an emergency.

With the profound expertise and experience of our International Medical and Surgical teams, SSIUH has been the center of trust and hope for patients and patients’ Medical assistance Partners and Medical insurance agencies within and outside Cambodia.

SSIUH, had undertaken the treatment of good number of insurance patients and our relationship with the medical insurance company and assistant companies has been cordial as we render timely service to patients as well as render medical reports of patients on time to the various insurance and assistance companies.

We partner with lot of insurance companies from various countries of the world and our doors are opened to partner with many other insurance and assistance companies.

We appreciate the patronage of the following insurance companies that we had worked with in the past and up to the present moments and they are:

  1. Express Assistance (Moscow, Russia)
  2. HCC Medical Insurance Services (USA)
  3. Class Assistance (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  4. William Russesell (Asia Pacific) ltd
  5. Vanbreda International
  6. American Assist Travel
  7. Holiday Safe Longstay Insurance
  8. Savitar group (Russia )
  9. Roland Assistance Gmbh
  10. Asia Assistance Partners
  11. AA International co., Ltd
  12. First Assistance
  13. Akdeniz Alarm Assistance
  14. Med Assist International Ltd
  15. MSH China Enterprise Services Co., Ltd.
  16. Interglobal Limited (England)
  17. Forte Insurance (Cambodia) Plc.
  18. Infinity Insurance, Cambodia
  19. CAMPUBANK Cambodia
  20. AXA Assistance Travel Insurance, Germany
  21. Baoviet Insurance
  22. AP Companies ( Moscow, Russia )
  23. Allianz Worldwide Care SA
  24. Euro-Center Co.,Ltd (Thailand )
  25. Europ Assistance (Moscow, Russia )
  26. Global Benefits Group, Inc. (USA )
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