Job Announcement : General Surgeon ( Full Time )


– Sen Sok IU hospital is looking for General surgeon for full-time work.

– The main requirements for candidates:
1) Diploma about Higher medical education (Bachelor degree) and Certificate about Residency in the area of General surgery (Master degree),
2) Working experience after finishing study – 5 years and more,
3) English – good or excellent,
4) Willingness to work in an international team

– Deadline: 1.03.2023

πŸ“§Kindly send your CV and copies of documents about medical education to e-mail : vice_director@sensokiuh.comΒ (Dr. Turobova Tatiana).

You can bring hard copies of your documents to our receptionist:
πŸ₯αž’αžΆαžŸαŸαž™αžŠαŸ’αž‹αžΆαž“αŸ– αž’αžΆαž‚αžΆαžšαž›αŸαž 91-96 αž•αŸ’αž›αžΌαžœ1986 αž—αŸ’αž“αŸ†αž–αŸαž‰αžαŸ’αž˜αžΈ αžαžŽαŸ’αžŒ αžŸαŸ‚αž“αžŸαž»αžαŸ”
#91-96, str. 1986, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh

β˜ŽοΈΒ αž‘αžΌαžšαžŸαŸαž–αŸ’αž‘ 070 888 251
πŸ“²Telegram & WhatsApp 087 777 426
🌏Google maps:

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