Satellite Clinic

SSIUH has a satellite clinic at Sihanouk province which provides all the basic emergency facilities. It is also a collection center for diagnostic facilities as patient can submit their sputum, blood or urine samples and can get results from this satellite center. Part time doctors attend this center.

The center provides primary health care to the community. Cambodia faces the burden of communicable diseases. Aids, Malaria and Tuberculosis are the major diseases affecting the health and economy of the country. Special arrangements have been made to educate people about health issues, like multimedia, lectures, demonstrations, display material and handouts. The teams go the different parts of the province and educate the country fellow about the spread and prevention of the communicable diseases.

Ambulances are available at the center in case of emergency relief and evacuation. The ambulances are equipped with high quality equipment to give maximum relief to the patient. The ambulances are imported from Japan and Korea.

The clinic also works very closely with all insurance companies/insurance assistance for international patients.

Sen Sok Clinic Map