Thanks Giving Ceremony Of Dental Equipment


Thanks giving ceremony

The thanks giving ceremony took place at the Phnom Penh Economic Zone. Speeches from the participants were followed by handing over of the equipment to Prof. Ojano. The Dental equipment consisted of:

  • Two Dental Chairs
  • One X- ray machine.
  • One compressor
  • One storage Cabinet

The following important dignitaries participated at the ceremony.

  • Prof. Sabo Ojano President, Sen Sok IU Hospital
  • Dr. Callum Durward Dean Faulty of IU Cambodia
  • Dr. Anne Chen Green, Consultant One 2 One NGO
  • Dr.William Ka-Lun Choi Chinese Christian Dental Services Taiwan &Taipei Rotary Club
  • Rev. Lun-Hsien Tung, Chinese Christian Medical Mission, Taiwan
  • Representatives of Phnom Penh Rotary Club

After the ceremony, the participants enjoyed dinner at a close by restaurant. Dr. Choi brought a technician from Taiwan who installed the Dental Chairs and the X- ray machine at the bolyno institute.

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