IU Student Mr. Phirun SAY Participated in AASD Conference in Beijing China and Gets a Scholarship of 1000.00 USD



The Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes (AASD) was launch in Osaka, Japan 2009 with Professor Yutaka Seino as Founding Chairman. The aim of AASD is to promptly improve diabetes treatments and care for Asian diabetes patients. In addition, the association annually hold scientific meeting in different Asian countries and encourage all members to participate and discuss in diabetes field as well as provide a travel grant.

The 3rdAnnual Scientific Meeting of AASD was held from 22 to 24 July 2011 at Beijing International Convention Center, China. All associated members from East to Southeast Asia were invited to participate for 3rd AASD 2011 meeting. The main goal of 3rd AASD meeting is to answer the scientific question “is there an Asian type diabetes” by cross examine the evidence from Asian population and other ethnic groups.

The meeting comprised enormous activities such as useful lectures, scientific programs, oral presentations, posters, exhibitions and social events.
There were numerous key professors related to diabetes filed attending to this meeting such as Professor Jean Claude Mbanya (president of International Diabetes Federation, namely IDF), Professor Yutaka Seino (president of AASD), Professor Richard M. Bergenstal (president of American Diabetes Association), ProfessorLinongJi (president of Chinese Diabetes Society), Professor Sung Woo Park (Korean Diabetes Association), Professor Nam Han Cho, Professor Bong Yun Cha and so on.


  1. Theme: The 3rd Scientific Meeting of the Asian Association for the Study Diabetes (AASD)
  2. TIME: 5 days, from July 21st – 25th, 2011
  3. PLACE:Beijing International Convention Center, Beijing, China

III. Result

My abstract titled “Chronic renal failure associated with Rhabdomyolysis in Cambodia: a case report” had been selected as an oral presentation in AASD2011. In addition, Organising Committee of AASD2011was provided a travel grant of USD 1000.00 to cover part of expense to attend the meeting.
The 3rd AASD 2011 annual meeting which was held on 22-24 July 2011 at Beijing, China was completely successful celebration.
My presentation was successfully completed and I was admired by chairperson and professor Nam Han Cho. Only a few questions were asked after presentation finished.
1. Rhabdomyolysis in this case seems to be lead to an acute renal failure. Why did you present (A chronic renal failure associated with Rhabdomyolysis)?
Answer: I said that yeah of course, you are right. it is an acute renal failure which presents on Chronic renal failure.
2. Does unidentified pain relief injection may cause Rhabdomyolysisi?
Answer: Rhabdomyolysis may be caused by unidentified pain relief injection.

The causes of Rhabdomyolysis in this case are still unclear and need more discuss to find out the real causes.

IV. Conclusion

Finally, the conference was lasted up successfully which presided by Professor LinongJi. All the participants were satisfied to the ceremony because it would help the people progress their capacity building when they get back home, so they will conduct the meeting according to this wonderful experience from China.

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