What is it Breast cancer screening (Breast check-up)?


We provide breast check-up for all women.

In the beginning of consultation our specialist will ask a woman about breasts’ problems (if any), her medications, periods, pregnancies and deliveries, breast feeding, family history etc.

Breast check-up for ladies younger than 40 years old includes:

  • physical breast examination by a specialist (clinical breast examination).
    This is a careful manual examination of the breasts by a doctor or other health professional.
    This exam can help find lumps that women may miss with their own self-exams.
    Lumps, thickening, asymmetry (a difference in appearance between the two breasts) — changes in breasts that a woman may not notice or think are “normal” — may be detected by a health professional who examines many breasts regularly.,

  • ultrasonography of breasts – is an imaging test that sends high-frequency sound waves through a breast and converts them into images on a viewing screen. The ultrasound technician places a sound-emitting probe on the breast to conduct the test. There is no radiation involved.

Breast check-up for ladies older than 40 years old includes physical breast examination by a specialist, ultrasonography of breasts and mammography.

Mammography is a gold standard for detecting Breast Cancer and reasonably accurate.
This is an X-ray photograph of the breast. Mammogram may detect microcalcifications, tissue distortion or lumps and may be able to detect the earliest form of Breast Cancer (pre-invasive) where the cancer hence not able to spread beyond the breast,

Below is a process of mammography.

After the examination Dr. Turobova Tatiana will tell you about her conclusion and recommendations: medications, life-style, comfortable underwear, diet. In the case of breast mass, biopsy or surgery treatment can be recommended.

1. Consultation, physical examination, breast ultrasonography, recommendations: USD 40.00
2. Consultation, physical examination, breast ultrasonography, mammography, recommendations: USD 60.00

You can make an appointment with Dr. Turobova Tatiana via e-mail: vice_director@sensokiuh.com

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