Prof. Sarak Phally

Prof. Sarak Phally Prof. Sarak Phally MS (France) Cardiologist in Rhythmology (France) Consultant Cardiologist Head of Cardiovascular Department – SSIUH Professor of Cardiology – International University Cardiology is the sub-specialty of medicine dealing the diseases of the heart & vessels. The deaths from the cardiac diseases lead the other medical causes even in countries like America, Canada & England. For this purpose, The SSIUH is installing Angiography machine to give the patients – the best treatments and the best diagnostic tools in Cambodia. The patients need not to go to other countries for medical check up. Angiography is procedure that gives a complete picture about all the vessels of the body including the lumen narrowing, blood flow, obstruction, damage by depositions of fats or hardening of the vessels. We are confident that our this achievement will be a great relief to the patients especially the cardiovascular cases. Prof. Sarak Phally has extensive experience in cardiology. His main interest stays is in the Cardiac Ultrasonography, Echo, ECG, Holter ECG and Pace Makers. The expert hands and newest technology in the Cardiovascular Department at the SSIUH makes it the crown hospital in Cambodia. Prof. Sarak loves to teach Cardiology to the medical students and he remained Professor of Cardiology from 1995 in UHS. Currently, he is the head of Cardiovascular Department at SSIUH and Professor of Cardiology at International University. Prof. Sarak completed his medical studies from UHS-Cambodia from 1980 -1986, and appointed in the Cardiology Department and received training in cardiac specialization in Cambodia from 1994 -1997. After that, he attended two years specialized course in cardiology from TOURS University-France from November 1997 to November 1999. Prof. Sarak remained as a trust worthy Physician and head of Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) for hundreds of his patients at Calmete hospital from 1999-2005 in Cardio-vascular Department, additionally, he worked as a consultant of Cardiac Care Unit in Phnom Penh Heart Centre from 2005 – 2009. He has performed exceptionally several types of medical procedures of the heart, as well as implantations of different devices – pacemakers.